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Out Of Town Groomsmen

Out of town groomsmen direct ship

Now-A-days there are always at least one or two groomsmen who are out of town, but need a tuxedo for the wedding. Mr. Formal Wear makes that easy with our "Direct Ship" option for those who can't make it into town, or for those who aren't going to be able to make it into town a couple days before the wedding. The option for "Direct Ship" is FREE!

Direct ship: How it works

Groomsmen from out-of town will have to go to a local tailor or men's store to get fitted for a tuxedo/suit. Once they have their measurements, they will be able to email or call their measurements in to Mr. Formal Wear. If they chose to use the "Direct Ship" method they will be able to receive their tuxedo 7 days prior to the event. That will give them the opportunity to try on their tuxedos well before the wedding in case any changes need to be made. The "Direct Ship" option is FREE of charge. There will be no extra fees included in the price for a groomsmen or attendant getting a tuxedo shiped to their front door


We guarantee a perfect fit not matter what! Along with our in store tuxedos for pick up, we guarantee that any "Direct Ship" orders will be a perfect fit. Once your groomsmen or attendant tries on their tuxedo, and they find something not up to their standards, we will ship them the exact fit they require at no extra charge.