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5 Simple tips to dress to impress

Justin Wilock

Everyone wants to dress nice, have the latest styles, walk past a bunch of people and get those looks, I mean come on. The confidence you walk with is the confidence that other people see. When you dress nice, you feel nice, and when you feel nice, well... it's nice.

Us younger people now a days don't have the dough to go out and drop 2-4k on a bunch of suits that were made for DiCaprio or hand made in Italy, we have bills and student loans on top of many more things. We all wanna look good and save a buck here and there. So here are my 5 tips on how to Dress nice but cut the cost.

1.) Take your time buying a suit- Yes, you got a new job or you got a bonus, everything is rushing through you, I gotta buy this and I gotta buy that. RELAX.. Take a day or two, go shopping at a couple locations (Mr. Formal Wear being one). These suits aren't going anywhere. Try a couple on, get a feel. Buy 1 for now.. get another one down the road.

2.) Mix and Match- Try buying a suit with a pattern in it, maybe a windowpane or a lighter color suit. That way, you can throw on your suit coat with a pair of khakis or blue pants. Make a couple outfits out of one suit.

3.) Dry Clean your suits/shirts- Dry Clean your suits every 4 times you wear them. Makes them last longer. Go to the cleaners on a Friday morning or after work and have them ready for pick up by Monday. Yes, it might cost a little bit, but now you'll have a suit that's in good shape 4 years down the road compared to one falling apart or one with stains on it and having to throw it away.

4.) Tailor EVERYTHING- Probably the most important tip I can express to you. Like I said before, confidence is everything. When you buy that suit, and it fits ok, Get that thing tailored to your body. Look good= Feel good. Nothing better then a suit that fits you like a glove.

5.Go-To suit and your Monday suit.. Invest wisely- Confidence, there it is again. Get that one suit that makes you feel like no one can tell you anything, not even your boss. Spend that extra $75 on a suit that you just need to have. When it comes to a black suit that we ALL need to have, don't get all crazy and start investing your money in Italian silk solid black suits. Keep it simple. Get what you need and get out with that stuff. Invest your money to your go to suit you need to wear for a big interview or presentation. Get that thing dry-cleaned and tailored, you know the deal. 

Dress nice, feel nice.