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What you need for your next black tie event

Justin Wilock

A frequently asked questions that I get all the time at my formal wear shop is "What do I need for my black tie affair" Simple, right? A black tie and a tux. Might not be that easy.. 

When looking for formal wear for your black tie event, you must take into consideration the entire outfit. The coat, pants ,shirt, tie, pocket square and accessories.. 

First off the Coat: When heading to a black tie event my personal preference is a Peak Lapel 1 button coat. Now days, Styles are changing very frequently with wider lapels, and thinner lapels, you go with what you prefer. Me, I go with a slim fit Peak Lapel Coat.

Trousers: Tuxedo pants we all know can sometimes feel like your wearing a parachute. Fix that, go with a modern/slim fit pant to give the look more of a defined look.

Shirt: Wing tip collar or laydown? It's a formal event rock the wing tip with a solid black bow tie. You're wearing long ties to work every day, change it up a bit.

Tie: BOW TIE, go with it. Made for a tuxedo look and it looks that much better.

Vest or cummerbund?: If your under the age of 40 please do not walk in asking for a cummerbund, that is, if you even know what that is. Get a vest, if you don't like the vest look go with a classic suspender look. 

Pocket square: We're talking about a black tie event, go with your plain old white pocket square and don't get fancy with colors or designs. Remember, attention should be on the women, were there to look as best as we can next to our dates for selfies and pictures.

Accessories: If you plan on wearing a watch, don't go crazy and wear a gold Rolex with a black tux. Get yourself a nice black watch, and that doesn't scream look at my watch. Studs, important! Wear the black studs that you get when you rent a tuxedo, its almost a must. Gives you character in the tuxedo. 

Last thing, DO NOT wear your black work shoes, or shoes in the back of your closet that are "Kinda shinny" Please do not embarrass yourself, rent yourself a nice pair of patent leather shoes to complete your look.